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Our Objective

Mobilise grassroots actions in the tech and creative industry to make AfCFTA work for Africans.

What is AfCFTA?

The African Continental Free Trade Area (AfCFTA) is a free trade area, outlined in the African Continental Free Trade Agreement among 54 of the 55 African Union nations. AfCFTA is the largest in the world in terms of participating countries since the formation of the World Trade Organisation over two decades ago, has the potential of bringing over 1.2bn Africans together into the same market.

The implementation of this agreement will boost intra-area trade, create jobs, enhance skills development, and assure best practices through smart competition among countries.

The core goal of AfCFTA is to encourage the free movement of “made in Africa goods”- goods and services made locally with dominant African content in terms of raw materials and value addition.





Who is in?

Tech and creative Industry ecosystem leaders and local entrepreneurs across Africa.